The Truth Hurts  Wayne Carey

The Truth Hurts Wayne Carey

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In the world of Australian football, no one has been more notorious than Wayne Carey. Once hailed as The King, Carey fell from the highest pinnacle of the game to the lowest of lows. In this memoir, Wayne Carey tells the whole, uncensored truth about a career whose implosion was as spectacular as Carey's legendary on-field exploits. From his brutal upbringing in Wagga Wagga to his early teen years where he discovered his love of, and talent for, football, Carey's candid story of his early life reveals much about the man who has dominated headlines for more than a decade - first for his brilliance on the field, but more often for his troubled personal life. He lurched from one disastrous incident to the next, from serial infidelity to massive alcohol binges and a growing cocaine addiction. This is the story of how a man can reach rock bottom, but begin to haul himself up again.