The Twins Of Prophecy Trilogy: The western Elves  Bob Spark

The Twins Of Prophecy Trilogy: The western Elves Bob Spark

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In this first book of the Twins of Prophecy trilogy, we observe the twins' birth and their growing into adulthood in the Western Kingdom of the Elves. Chem and Ema are very different in their gifts and personalities; this will be a major theme of the entire trilogy. Some people's gifts are outward and very prominent, but others are hidden and obscure, yet the less prominent person can often be of greater importance. Chem is a very gifted leader and warrior, but Ema is shy, mute, and not a warrior, yet the entire story is focused upon her ultimate and immense importance. We are also introduced to many of the other important characters as the developing scenario of danger and struggle is clearly painted throughout these formative years of the twins. Though there is less action in this first book, in many ways, the descriptive detail and the character interactions are so interesting and memorable that they thrill the reader while building that intense anticipation for what is to come. **** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bob Spark was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1954. He was raised in the Anglican Church but rebelled during his teen years. He did not truly come to follow Jesus Christ until his early twenties. It was always his desire to write, so beginning in the 80s, and over the next twenty years, Bob began to create, shape, and build the history, characters, and storyline of the Twins of Prophecy. The tale grew and the characters became so real that even though he had created them, he also laughed and wept with them. It was his desire to write a story that was not overtly Christian, yet was a novel of grandeur, of deep struggle, and of great moral excellence. Time alone will tell if he has even just begun to achieve such noble aspirations. Bob now lives alone in a small country town north of Melbourne. He enjoys keeping fit, running, biking, and walking regularly. In addition to improving the old property he lives on, Bob chiefly spends his time studying, writing, and discussing biblical theology. Bob has two adult children, David and Anna, who both live in New Zealand.