Three Seasons Jane Hansen

Three Seasons Jane Hansen

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'I wanted it all, and had no reason to expect that I couldn't have it: education, success, adventure, the capacity to make a difference. And I wanted a family.... eventually! I was a lucky girl, the first bits - a good education, a career in broadcast journalism - came easliy enough and I assumed motherhood would just happen for me when I was ready. It simply didn't occur to me that it might not fall into place.'

As a journalist and foreign correspondant, Jane Hansen interviewed coup leaders, irritated the Taliban and slept rough in war zones with the sound of artillery fire in the background. She lived and breathed this exciting life before she decided it was time to become a mother. And it was this struggle that would come to affect her most deeply.....

In this courageous, moving and powerful memoir, Jane writes about her journey to motherhood, and the heartbreaking plight of her son Jackson, born too early, too small,with unflinching honesty.