Two's Cooking  Jane Strode  Jeremy Strode

Two's Cooking Jane Strode Jeremy Strode

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When Jeremy & Jane Strode met in the kitchens of Langton's Restaurant it was a case of opposites attract. He is a Pom, she's Australian. His approach is classically French with an English foundation, her influences are Asian and modern Australian.

When the couple tied the knot in 2004, it was a union not only of love but a marriage of flavours, cooking credentials and serious talent.

In Two's Cooking, Jeremy and Jane Strode share the secrets of their kitchen, and the fabulous meals they have created together. With over 90 delicious, original recipes this is the essential cookbook for busy people who want to eat well but cook simply during the week, and entertain their friends and family in lavish style on the weekend.

Covering school nights, relaxed Sunday eating, and fabulous weekend dinner party fare, Two's Cooking takes you from comfort food to the pinnacle of fine dining. This is the book for foodies who love to cook for two, four, six...