Upon a Moon-Dark Moor  Rebecca Brandewyne

Upon a Moon-Dark Moor Rebecca Brandewyne

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Only the crying gulls and crashing waves of the rocky Cornish coast were witness to their embrace. Maggie was Sir Nigel Chandler's proud daughter and the mistress of Highclyffe Hall; Draco was the misbegotten son of Sir Nigel's dead brother and a carefree Romany maid. And Maggie knew from the first day she saw her cousin that he was as mysterious and untameable as the moors that stretched endlessly along the sea. She had lived a virtual prisoner in a mansion haunted by dark secrets, a father's cruelty, and a stepmother's cunning. Then, on a black and rainy night, a stagecoach drew up bringing the darkly handsome Draco into her life, and Maggie's fate was sealed. On the starlit moor the seeds of a forbidden desire would grow, spawning a love so strong that no power on this earth could deny its rapture - though its consequences could destroy them both...