Wanted  Elizabeth Heiter

Wanted Elizabeth Heiter

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Disarming Detective

When FBI profiler Isabella Cortez finds a stranger outside her office, she’s in trouble. Because even though Detective Logan Greer is one of the good guys, their instant attraction is a serious distraction. Ella’s got one mission: to find the criminal who hurt her friend and drove her to become a profiler. But Logan has a case that bears an eerie resemblance to the crime. Together, they’re racing to stop a killer, but the closer they get, the more dangerous the search becomes. Falling in love could be deadly…or it could be the only way to survive.

Seduced By The Sniper

FBI negotiator Chelsie Russell’s life changed when she failed to talk down a crazed gunman. A year later the killer has escaped and sniper Scott Delacorte has stepped up to protect Chelsie. Scott is the FBI’s most infamous playboy — and the guy Chelsie had a one-night fling with just before the shooting. When the investigation takes an unexpected turn, powerful people become desperate to keep Scott and Chelsie silent, and Chelsie knows it’s time to trust this man who has the power to break her heart.

SWAT Secret Admirer

It’s been ten years since the attack that drove Maggie Delacorte to become an FBI SWAT agent. She’s an elite fighter now — and when the Fishhook Rapist sends her a letter saying he’s coming back for her, she knows she has to find him first. Her teammate Grant Larkin is assigned to the case, and he’s determined to protect Maggie, even if it damages the connection that’s been growing between them. Even if her attacker has decided that the way to get to Maggie is by targeting the people she cares about…