What Does Your Daddy Do?  Gordon Reece  Vilma Cencic

What Does Your Daddy Do? Gordon Reece Vilma Cencic

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One day Tina comes home from school crying because her teacher asked everyone what their fathers did. Rangjit's dad is a TV actor, Peter's dad is a rock star, Julie's dad is a famous judge, John's dad is a General, Melissa's dad is a surgeon, and Emma's dad is the captain of the Australian soccer team. Tina tries to claim that her dad is an astronaut, but all the other kids know the truth, and say that he sweeps the streets and empties the bins. "Why doesn't my daddy do something important?" Tina asks her mum. But he does, Mum says. "Let me see...He does silly things to make you laugh, he plays games with you till way past your bedtime, he tickles your feet until you beg him to stop, he listens for hours to all your tall stories, he reads to you at bedtime, he does all these things because he loves you and that's the most important job in the world." Just then Daddy comes home from work and Tina rushes to give him a great big hug for being the best dad in the whole wide world!