Young Discoverer Series  Universe  Animals  Earth  Discovery Channel

Young Discoverer Series Universe Animals Earth Discovery Channel

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Universe -

Solar System:Discover planets, asteroids and moons of our nearest neighbours in the galaxy.  History of Earth:  God back four and half billion years and trace what has been happening to our home planet.  Universe: Look closer at stars, celestial objects and how the universe began and how it is changing. Space Exploring:  Feel the adventure with answer to questions like: Are we the only intelligent life in the universe?"

Animals -

Mammals?  Learn about our animals and the fabulous variety they come in today.  Reptiles: Discover how and why reptiles have been walking and slithering around the Earth for millions of years.  Fish & amphibians:  Learn how fish and the amphibian's behaviour changes as they adapt to their environment.  Birds: Did you know that you can guess what a bird eats by looking at its beak?

Earth -

Volcanoes:  Explore the scientific methods and tools used by volcanologists today.  Weather and Climate:  From fair weather to cloudy days, get a comprehensive weather report.  Earthquakes: Take an earth- shattering look at underground plates which have caused so much damage down the ages.  Oceans; Discover why oceans have many mysteries and secrets still left to be explored.