Zero Down Side  John Camillo  Robert Camillo

Zero Down Side John Camillo Robert Camillo

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As a child Kenny Burgess is offered to the church. No-one listens to his objections. From that moment life spins out of control. He is a tortured soul, navigating his way in a boarding school staffed by frocked predators. When he stands up for classmates abused by priests, he discovers "how sinister evil can be, how it comes dressed in sheep's clothing, how it sucks at life for its gratifications, how it leaves only the shell of humanity behind." Saved from a long prison sentence for a serious crime, is good fortune. Yet, fate has another twist in store. Hope is snatched at every appearance. But Kenny grips determinedly at life, turning his attention to drama, a fiction about people like him who overcome similar tragedies and strike a blow for self-worth. The story takes over, drawing him in, dissolving pain as home-built justice emerges. Though the curse of depression stalks him at every step, tightening its grip after each disaster, unexpectedly he begins to see light. And then...